Nelson Region, Top of the South

Our perfect location allows guests to experience gentle clear flowing rivers with easy access right from the property or if you are up to it the more challenging treasures hidden high in the back country only accessable by helicopter. With over 30 accessible rivers & streams in close proximity to the Motueka River Lodge and many others by helicopter our region offers abundant variety to suit every angler’s dreams – and yes you can even land yourself a 10 pounder trophy trout.

Motueka River lodge is strategically located, it allows a wide choice of rivers from different catchment systems enabling our talented team of fly fishing guides to pick the most appropriate fly fishing destination according to angler’s ability, fitness level, time of year and pertinent local knowledge.

The Motueka River

is very scenic throughout its length, a beautiful and challenging river to fish with a high population of brown trout many of which reach trophy sizes. Water quality and clarity is exceptional even after heavy rain as the river clears very quickly. The many facets of this river from deep clear pools to long still glide’s between banks fringed with overhanging vegetation make this a river that suits all angling methods. Fish can be easily spotted in the very clear water making this a challenging though rewarding fishery. The Motueka River is open all year round which provides opportunities to fly-fish beyond the peak season.


Tributaries in Close Proximateley

Several tributaries are important fisheries in their own right; the Motupiko, the Wangapeka and the Baton are the three major tributaries close to our doorstep allowing guests immediate access to some of the best fly fishing waters in New Zealand. Other smaller tributaries which provide good fishing are the Pearse, Dove, Tadmor and Rainy. These are all small streams but do hold good fish. The mouths of these streams are well worth exploring at any time of the year but especially in the hotter months when the trout will congregate in the cooler water they supply to the main river. As well as these streams there are a large number of small feeder streams that also can be attractors to feeding trout where they enter the Motueka.

fish3Further Afield

Within an hour’s drive many more fly fishing locations become available to guests staying at the Motueka River Lodge, you can access lots of quality fly fishing waters like the Nelson Lakes & Murchison are both popular fly fishing destinations. With a helicopter, the more adventurous can explore the remoteness of the Kahurangi National Park.
The Karamea, Roaring Lion, Crow and Mohikinui Rivers are world class rivers within the Park, here you have a real chance to catch a trophy fish ( 7lb brown trout and above are common).

Your guide will ensure they are properly equipped with all the necessary safety gear, lunch and snacks required for the day. The helicopter departs right here from the lodge grounds and will return you at the end of the day – so buckle in and sit back and immerse yourself in the spectacular scenery that New Zealand is famous for.

Heli Fishing costs will vary depending on the number of people on each trip and the destination chosen accordingly the price can only be calculated on an individual cost basis when booked.

After a great day out fishing, everybody wants to relax and the Motueka River Lodge is just the right place to do so. Motueka River Lodge is the country’s first fly fishing lodge and over the years has developed into an outstanding luxury boutique lodge, offering our guests everything they could dream of.

Being a place of relaxation, great cuisine and luxurious surroundings, the Motueka River Lodge nevertheless did not forget its roots. Therefore we are happy to offer everything a passionate fly fisher needs for a successful day out on the river. To make it even more appealing, there are no bothersome sand flies at our lodge that could ruin your time spent with us.

Travelling with a partner who does not share your passion for fly fishing? No need to worry. The Motueka River Lodge offers beautiful and relaxing surroundings, with wonderful gardens, verandas and breath-taking views over the mountains. There are several spa offers that can be arranged and being situated in an exclusive but central location we are only too happy to arrange an alternative day trip to one of the regions many activities.

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